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Start a blog

I’ve had this goal for a long time now. I’ve talked myself in and out of it too many times to count. I’ve shared the idea of starting a blog with a handful of friends and the reception was not always enthusiastic. I started asking myself all those questions they were throwing out there:”Why start a blog? What do you have to say that is so important? Who would read it, and why would anyone be interested in the minutia of your life.”

And then it hit me that none of that really mattered. I wasn’t going to start a blog for any of those reasons. I was going to start a blog for me. Two big things happened to me in 2012 that finally gave me the push I needed:

1) Along with some other big (job/career change) and small things, I had a major health scare early in the year and while everything now is just about 100% and I’m doing great, this event made me stop, literally, and reassess. What was I doing with my time? Where did I want to spend my time? Who did I want to spend my time with? Why was I letting so much of my life be pushed down by fear and doubt and worry? I was scared and lost and sad, but the biggest thing I was scared about was that I was failing at my life and wasn’t going to get the chance to change that. Now that I have that chance, I don’t want to waste my time holding myself back. I don’t want to live in that place of fear and inaction.

2) In mid-November, I took one of the best trips of my life. I went to Camp Mighty. So many of my new friends have already written about camp in more eloquent ways than I could express. But, I want to say that I shared so many of their same thoughts and experiences. I met friends I just didn’t know yet; I met incredibly creative and accomplished people; I met people that have done amazing, amazing things and for a few days, I got to look inside those worlds and be a very small part of it. Now, I don’t want to let that go. I want to take what I learned and experienced at camp and make it bigger and better.

So, from these two experiences, I made the decision to consciously build a better life. What I want is to create a life that is better than nice, that is happier more than it is sad, that is bigger than all the limits I’ve put on myself. I am going to try new things; say yes; dream big!

Maybe you can follow along. :)

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